Cezar Del Valle contributed a history of Brooklyn movie going to the following:

The Brooklyn Film
Essays in the History Filmmaking 

Edited by John B. Manbeck and Robert Singer
Foreword by Pete Hamill

McFarland & Company, Inc.
Print ISBN: 978--0-7864-1405-5
Ebook ISBN: 978-07864-8120-0
263pp. softcover, 2003

"My favorite is the essay on the history of Brooklyn movie theatres by Cezar Del Valle."
- Denis Hamill
Sunday Daily News 
March 2, 2003

"Sometimes simple pleasures are the best. The most purely enjoyable piece is Cezar Del Valle's'Brooklyn Moviegoing: A Short History from a Fan's Perspective.'"
- Michael Wells
The Brooklyn Paper
June 9, 2003

National Building Museum

Provided Historic Photographs for:

Bela Lugosi in Person

Flickering Treasures

Hollywood in Vintage Photographs

The Knickerbocker Snowstorm

Lower East Side (Then & Now)

The Modern American Metropolis

The Perils of Moviegoing

Served as Historical Consultant for: 

Betty Smith: Life of the Author of a Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Brooklyn: A State of Mind

Lee Krasner: A Biography


As a theatre historian, Del Valle receives email and phone calls from people doing research on a certain topic. The Brooklyn Collection, at the Central Library, will often give a researcher his name and number.

Occasionally the person will call or write back to say thanks and that their book/article is finally published